Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Success and Money

Success has nothing to do with money or anything like that. Even if you take those away, I’ll still be successful. Success for me is if you have a goal in your life and you do it, then you are successful. Money is not the stamp of approval.

It’s so funny because I used to sit on the shower before I became a comic and had this radio that I would always play and pretend I was winning the Apollo as a comedian. Now here I am and I won it. For me, even though there was no money in winning the Apollo, it’s still success. I successfully achieved a goal that was my lifelong dream. Every time I told myself I want to be on something, I always ended up getting it. Set a goal and go for it and never look back. If you are going to do it, just do it.

I always challenge myself. The last couple of shows, I have been doing more than hour sets. I literally had to cut off my feature or guest comic because I need time to write and perform new jokes. I know when my Comedy Central hour special hits on Jan. 4, I need new jokes for my shows. jo koy

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