Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun times with my son

He's my "everything" and the funniest guy I know. I think of him all the time, especially whenever I am on the road, away from home. I enjoy doing things with him, whether it's picking out his favorite toy at Target, picking him up from school or training him how to fight. He's my family and my reason for trying my best to do well in my career.

Little Jo reminds me every day how special the little things in life are. He really goes out of his way just to give me a good laugh, even though he gives me a good laugh with every thing he does (like color his "ting ting" green. His mother and I remained good friends all these years just to provide him with the special sense of having both a mom and dad in his life even though we split up when he was just a baby. I'll never let anything get in the way of me being a good father to him. He deserves the world.

Here are some videos of us at home. We enjoy watching boxing together and our friends bought us a punching ball for Christmas. Little Jo found other uses for it.


  1. you r such a good dad

  2. very cool! freddie wearing the t-shirt is priceless!