Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Backstage at Chelsea Lately

Chelsea and I have been friends for like three years now. We performed at shows together before. I remember she asked me to be her sidekick on her show when it first came out and I kind of turned it down. The only reason was that I have an agenda and a goal I wanted to achieve and I felt that it was not the right move for me. I wanted my own show. She got the Chelsea show and I want the Jo Koy show. The decision I made was a risk because the show is successful. It was a bad decision in the beginning, but it turned out great since Comedy Central gave me my own show. I’m so happy for her and all she’s done. I love her a lot because she is so giving. She shares her show with other comedians, which she doesn’t need to do. I get a lot of exposure from that show. I love that show!


  1. blog too. God Bless.

  2. This was a really nice post! Chelsea's show is awesome, I watch it religiously and have found some great comics (including you) from it. I love stand up but it's so hard to find people who really make me laugh. After seeing you on her show repeatedly I found your myspace page and watched your comedy central presents and have loved it. It's really cool of you to give her props because she has created such an awesome venue for comedians to get out there and show off their comedic talent to such a wide audience. She is so insanely funny that is says a lot when someone on her round table can crack her (and the audience) up as you have often done!
    By the your segment about Micheal Phelps (from the comedy central presents show), and my favorite...and my mom's who watched with me...was about playing Wii with your mom. That was freakin hilarious!!
    Keep the laughs coming...can't wait to see you live someday...and until then, I will keep looking forward to Jo Jo Koy Koy (sorry...had to...) on the Chelsea roundtable.

  3. Can you come to new york?
    This year.
    Sometime during that time would do.

    -Hopefully you're nodding internally.