Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This was from 3 months ago and I've been on the road and so busy with my TV shows that I haven't had much time to celebrate this. Canada awarded me with a Gemini Award. I am very much thankful for the recognition.

How crazy was that?! I know here in America no one knows about it, but in Canada is huge. It’s a Canadian Emmy and a lot of great starts won it like Alanis Morrisette, John Candy and Avril Lavigne. They are all big names... and here I am, just Jo Koy. My friend Russell Peters, a comedian that lives in Toronto also won the Gemini award the same year I did, swears that I’m the only American to win that award. It’s so cool to win it and it makes me so happy.


  1. Congratulations Jo! Well deserved that's fo' Sho'

  2. Congratulations JO!

  3. wooh hooo!!!
    Good for you jo,you totally deserve it,canadian or not,its just even cooler because your not.lol(.= keep up the good work,and congrats again on the great standup,great work deserves great recognition.
    High Five!!

  4. Hey. Congratulations!! I've never heard of the Gemini Award, but if its huge in Canada, than...COOL! It must feel a little strange to receive something like this, or just receive any type of recognition followed by big names such as Alanis, Avril, and John Candy. So congratulations ^_^ And its one award of MANY you'll receive...did that even make any sense??
    God Bless